Deccan Curry House Blog!

Something of a new venture for me this one and one that is likely to not be repeated. Not that I mean that in any sort of negative way, it’s just that I can’t see me doing one of these reviews again. Indeed this is a Curry House review, of the Deccan Bangladeshi Restaurant in Urmston. So here we go….First off, the Deccan is a pretty modern-looking restaurant, with LED-lights within panels on the walls, along with water effects. This is joined by a largely whitewashed interior, bar the seating which is a mix of darker colours, mostly red and black.

At the rear, to where the kitchen is (this is mostly visible to the customers, for those who prefer that sort of thing) is a fish tank, filled with an assortment of different species of marine life. Now, though, the main features. The bar & the food.The bar is situated to the right of the building, as you enter, and plays host to two Asian beers on draught, these being Cobra and Kingfisher.



There is also a fair assortment of bottled beers available, alongside the usual soft drink offerings. The food menu is pretty full too, so you aren’t short of options, with regards to if you like your food dry, spicy, mild or even English offerings. But who wants that right? As we were waiting, it was apparent that there was a youth(ish) football team in having their end of season awards do. It came about that this was one of the local side Flixton Juniors’ age group sides, who were closing up on what seemed a pretty successful season, going by the turnout and the applause and awards! Anyway, I was in with my family for the evening and thus we felt it only fair, and in the interests of research, to have a starter/poppadum to begin, prior to the main course. The poppadums came and went as did the onion bhaji offerings, which are of a decent size.



Now, the big time. Now I like my spicy curries, so I wasn’t going to shirk now and opted for the Chicken Tikka Vindaloo, of course. My parents chose a Tandoori Chicken & a Balti Multani. The food was top notch, with mine being not too hot as to take away from the taste which is, for me anyway, perfect. The chicken itself was tender and easy to eat so all in all, there can’t be any complaints. This was along with getting some free drinks of course. None for you though.



So, that’s pretty much that. Having had a starter that we don’t usually have, we had the meals bagged up and took them home to finish the next day, when I love to eat a curry again. Is that weird? If it is, it shouldn’t be, because it is immense to do that. Back to the night at hand, though, the bill is brought along with orange segments and hot towels, with a small coffee liquer also being brought over, which is as standard. After a nice evening, you get a nice greeting on the way out (and on entering too).So, that is that for the first, and likely only, blog of mine on a curry house. Hopefully, someone finds it to be helpful enough to be able to make a visit to the restaurant. I can probably assure that you won’t be disappointed.



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